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Outreach Toolkit

To Promote California School Meal Programs

Target Audience: Parents

Parents want to know that their children are cared for during the school day. Food typically elicits emotions because it brings back memories of favorite family events and recipes. It is important to tell your own story to parents so they receive accurate information. Share with parents the care, thought and pride that goes into each meal offered.

  • Identify what you are doing great and share it.
  • Participate in events where parents gather, such as Parent Association meetings and Back to School Nights to take advantage of opportunities where you can share your story.
  • Provide information in writing to prevent misinterpretation and sharing of accurate information.
  • Consider developing a logo specific to your district and program.
In order for you to start communicating with parents quickly and easily, below are resources for you to use that include specially designed messages and talking points for parents. These resources were developed by the School Nutrition Association and are available to members on their Web site. They are available here with permission.

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