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The USDA Tweet Library is designed to help you promote your messages and build a broader network on Twitter. The library provides you with standardized messages categorized by audience, i.e., general audience, parents, children, school foodservice staff, school administrators and teachers.

The messages are accompanied by a hash tag indicated by a # (pound sign). The purpose of the hash tag (#) is to mark your message with a unique phrase, like a bookmark. As people on the Twitter network read, favorite, re-tweet (share) your messages the hash tag gains popularity--this is referred to as "trending" in Twitter speak. Trending topics have the potential to reach millions of users all around the world and they help you build a large and stronger network.

Be creative, start a trending challenge among your Twitter audience and see how far and wide your message is spread.You may create your own messages and hash tags to promote yourself, raise awareness, target your audience or use the premade messages and hash tags per audience found in the USDA Tweet Library to get you started.

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